Journey Of Death

I understand this Life this journey that we travel is not forever.
But seeing you leave so early will make me miss you forever.

I understand that death is inevitable, and we are only here for a short amount of time.
But even so the attachment to this place and its people has me committing a victim-less crime.

I remember your smile your laughter and the resonating light.
Every time you would walk into a room your presence lit the room so bright.

What hurts the most is when I am sat at night to reminisce.
It’s not the past that hurts it’s the future that never exists.

They believe it becomes easier as time passes by.
But the truth is we are just better at hiding our pain and our smile is a lie.

Every living being has its own story and they will fight their own demons with one eye.
But you cherish the moments you spend together do not let it be another 13 reasons why.

Some stories will be longer then others and some will live there life tirelessly.
But just remember what we do in this life will echo in eternity.

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