I have no words But THIS ALLAH !!!


You brought me to life.
You brought me to a wonderful Mother And Father.
You gave me options to stay on the right track.
You never gave up on me.
You forgave me for whatever I had done wrong.
You kept me strong all these years.
Everytime I hear your name , I shed a tear.
Remembering that you are my Lord until, the death of me.
I praise you because , You created me.
I worship you because , You breathed life into my lungs.
You are my GOD,
You are my LORD,
You are the only mightest,
You are the reason that im standing on my 2 feet.
You are the hope and light to my heart.
You created me as you created Adam (pbuh),and the prophets(pbut)that are leaders to my heart and eyes.
You Allah , I got no words
Allah you are everything im about to say.
Allah you are my life
You are my light.
You are my might.
You are the power.
You are my grace to my will.
You Allah, own my life as you own Heaven and Hell.
Allah, never give up on me and the muslims who believe in YOU.
Allah forgive us
Allah accept our duaa
Allah let us pass this test
Allah show us the path like you showed the prophets
Allah, I am no ordinary person,
By Your decree ALLAH !!!



thank you :):):)

thank you so mcchh :):):)