Be A Student of ILM

It is never too late to learn
The knowledge you yearn
The experience you earned
Will be noted by Allah when you return

Thus correct your intention
Pay attention
For this short duration
As Jannah is the final destination

A Muslim is always a student
Everything is planned not too sudden
Lessen is your burden
When you learn to pardon

May Allah bless our little efforts
The least we can afford
A jihad so hard fought
Pray that this will not come to naught

A jihad to improve
There is always something to prove
Since Islam is the truth
Then why Muslims are in a groove?

Who dictate your life?
Being illiterate cuts like a knife
A dictator used to jive -
“With educated citizen that is the end of my life”

The chances are slim
You cannot afford to grim
Maximize your ibadah to the brim
Hence be a student of ILM.

Iqra was the first revelation
Be a Muslim with a reading addiction
Then you will feel the real sensation
Being alive not just a mere hallucination

Al-Quran 39:9 Say (O Muhammad): Can those who know and those who do not know be equal? Verily only the men of understanding take the heed".

Penned by Qalamuddin